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Foundations of Considerate Behaviour Part 2
Parenting children aged 6-12

Please ensure you have completed Foundations of Considerate Behaviour Part 1 before enrolling into this course. 

Elevate your parenting skills to new heights with "Foundations of Considerate Behaviour Part 2," the next stride in your transformative journey. Building on the insights acquired in Part 1, this online course delves even deeper into nurturing considerate behaviour in children aged 6 to 12. 

Please note: The information contined in this online course is non-clinical in nature and does not constitute a therapist client relationship.

If you are a current or past client of Dr Anna Cohen, then please do not proceed with this course without consulting with Dr Cohen about doing so.


Starting date

Any time that works for you! 


7 modules of approximately 15 minutes duration. It is recommended that the modules are spaced 1-2 days apart to allow you to revise and implement resource teachings and course information. 


 $300 inclusive of GST

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