Dr Anna Cohen has over 25 years experience in the field of Clinical Psychology.

In the last few years Anna has moved away from providing therapy and now is focusing on coaching parents in effective parenting strategies.

As a parent coach Anna is sharing her expertise and knowledge gained as a clinical psychologist to empower parents to be the best versions of themselves.


It is my hope to help parents become the best parents they can be navigating a path through the sometimes complex world of modern day parenting.

Our instructors

Dr Anna Cohen 

Anna is committed to supporting families through the difficult challenges they often face, helping children and young people to re-engage with ordinary, everyday childhood tasks and assisting parents in implementing parent-management strategies for themselves and their children. Parenting is different for everyone, and there is no rule book on how to navigate the different dynamics that are at play when you have children. My passion is to bring out the best in each member of the family, for both the growth of the individual and the family unit. 

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